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Hire & Rent Mobility Equipment & Aides Abroad: Lanzarote & Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands

For anyone travelling abroad, going on holiday or visiting friends and family that has a disability or a mobility issue and needs to rent disability equipment or a general mobility aides can find a whole range of quality mobility equipment for hire f/ rent from the hiring of powerful electric wheelchairs, hire of a electric mobility scooter, rent a standard manual wheelchair, hire a lightweight wheelchairs, hiring large sized wheelchairs, rent an electric hoist, hire an electric disability bed to simple hiring of bath boards & shower & commode chairs here at Island Mobility on the Islands of Lanzarote & Fuerteventura.

We have made hiring and renting mobility equipment and aides in Lanzarote and Fuerteventura a simple one step process:

To hire a wheelchair (manual or electric) or an electric mobility scooter, in fact any mobility aid in Lanzarote you simply select the mobility equipment that's right for you from our on-line booking form and we do the rest. Or if you prefer, call us directly for hires on Lanzarote or rentals on Fuerteventura dial from the UK: 0034 696 389 034

Alternatively you can e-mail us at mailto:info@islandmobility.com

Whether you will be visiting Costa Tequise, Puerto del Carmen, Arricife, Playa Blanca or anywhere on Lanzarote, or Corralejo, Puerto del Rosario, Cofete, Morro Jable, Costa Calma, Caleta de Fuste, La Pared or anywhere on Fuerteventura we will deliver all of our mobility equipment directly to your hotel, villa or apartment, and we collect directly from you at the end of your stay......nothing could be easier!

Unlike other companies, we are based in Lanzarote and in Fuerteventura, you hire directly with us, we supply, maintain and deliver the equipment to you where ever you are staying on Lanzarote or Fuerteventura. We do not third party any of our mobility equipment bookings. You hire from us, you deal with us... directly. We do not pass your details and requirements on to any other mobility hire company for a commission or fee.

We do not require any pre-payment or booking fees or deposits, in fact we only ask you to part with your money once we deliver the mobility equipment and we have made any adjustments to the mobility aide that you have hired and that we are sure you are happy with the product that you have rented from us.

A summary of our mobility equipment for rent and disability aides that we hire

Hire / rent from our range of disability equipment & mobility aides in our electric mobility scooter range on the Islands of Lanzarote & Fuerteventura;

Hire / rent transportable mobility scooters, Hire / rent medium sized electric mobility scooters, Rent / hire large sized electric mobility scooters, Rent / hire luxury model electric mobility scooters

We are the only electric mobility scooter hire company in Lanzarote and Fuerteventura that gives you the choice of electric mobility scooters. We have a range of mobility scooters from our small transportable electric scooters to our powerful luxury & large electric mobility scooters, giving you the choice to rent and select the best electric mobility scooter to fit your needs. One or two of our smaller electric scooters may not be appropriate for some places in the resort of Puerto del Carman on Lanzarote owing to the steep hills in some parts of this resort, just tell us where you are staying and we can advise you on the best electric mobility scooter for the you; depending on where you are staying.

As all electric mobility scooters require charging, we recommend that you put the electric mobility scooter on charge every night. From experience, our electric mobility scooters do fit in most hotel lifts and rooms, however on the odd occasion that this is not practical most hotels or complexes will let you charge the electric mobility scooter at a ground level place. (normally near to reception, we have found most of the holiday complex staff very helpful in assisting clients with mobility or disability problems).

Lanzarote & Fuerteventura hire, rent of disability equipment & mobility Aides:

Hire Electric Wheelchairs, Hire Manual Wheelchairs, Rent Children's Wheelchairs, Hire Transportable wheelchairs, Hire reclining wheelchairs, Hire small wheelchairs, Rent standard size wheelchairs, Rent large size wheelchairs or hire extra large sized wheelchairs, rent joy stick control wheelchair right hand, left hand joy stick control wheelchair or electric wheelchair with carer controls at the rear of the electric wheelchair.

Again, we give you the choice to hire the right wheelchair to fit your needs; from electric wheelchairs, lightweight manual wheelchairs, (we have three different widths of manual wheelchairs, standard wheelchair 43 wide, larger 46 wide wheelchairs and extra large 49 wide wheelchairs) children manual wheelchairs and large fully adjustable manual wheelchairs, reclining wheelchairs. We also hire wheelchair leg risers for both our electric wheelchair range and our manual wheelchair range. We can adjust our electric wheelchairs to either a right hand joystick or a left hand joystick control. When we deliver the wheelchair to your accommodation we make all the necessary adjustments to make the wheelchair as comfortable and practical to suit your individual needs. Most of our manual wheelchairs are easily collapsible for stowing or putting in the back of a normal sized car

Lanzarote & Fuerteventura rental of Bedroom disability equipment & mobility aides;

Hire fully adjustable electric beds, Hire cot sides, Hire electric hoists, rent air mattresses, Rent bed cradle, Hire bed rails, Hire electric hoist portable, Rent commode chairs, Hire Pullman hoist, Rent patient hoist, hire Rota Stands.

We rent electric beds that are fully adjustable and have specially designed comfortable mattresses. Our electric bed have a rocker button controller allowing the user to raise and lower the height of the bed and adjust the top, middle and the feet area of the electric bed. We will install the electric bed and remove it at the end of you holiday. We also hire 'air mattresses'' that are designed to go on top of an ordinary mattress for added comfort and support for people with a disability. We have a range of cot sides and bed rail supports for rent along with a range of both manual & electric hoists.

Lanzarote & Fuerteventura Bathroom disability equipment & mobility aides;

Hire shower chairs, hire commode chairs, hire self propelled shower chairs, hire shower stools, rent bath hoists hire shower and commode combined chairs on the Islands of Lanzarote & Fuerteventura

We have a range of disability equipment to hire to provide added assistance in the bathroom from self propelled shower chairs. static shower chairs, wheeled shower chairs and static shower stools, toilet seat risers, toilet frame supports and commodes, toilet frame & toilet seat riser combo All of our bathroom products are easy clean, quick drying and most importantly; hygienic. We also rent, hire self propelled shower chairs & combined shower chair & commode chairs

Lanzarote & Fuerteventura hire of disability equipment & mobility Aides from our range of Hoists;

Hire electric hoists, rent bath hoists, hire pole hoist, rent patient pole, hire rota stands, rent Pullman pole, hire electric hoist slings or bring your own sling (our electric hoist will cope with most standard slings) on the Islands of Lanzarote & Fuerteventura

Our range of lifting equipment for rent includes our powerful electric hoists to simple back rests. Whether its a rota stand that you need to hire or a manual Pullman; just complete our hire request form and we will do the rest.

Our Rental / Hire delivery and collection policy for the Island of Lanzarote & Fuerteventura

About the delivery and collection of hiring / renting of disability equipment & mobility aides on the Islands of Fuerteventura & Lanzarote: Deliveries & Collections:

Our services cover the whole Islands whether you are staying anywhere on Lanzarote or anywhere on Fuerteventura.. Our delivers are free to any resort on Lanzarote. We do supply mobility equipment & aides to Fuerteventura but because there is a small deliver/Collection charge for all Fuerteventura rentals & hires The delivery charge for Fuerteventura hires are dependant on where you are staying and we will advise you of the cost involved when you provide us your accommodation details.

Our Rental / Hire prices, costs, fees, deposits for the Islands of Lanzarote & Fuerteventura

About Hire / Rent of Disability Equipment & mobility aides :

Rental /Hiring Prices & Fees on the Islands of Lanzarote & Fuerteventura

We are the only Disability Equipment & Mobility Aids hire company on Lanzarote that offers a daily hire rate (although we do have some mobility equipment that has a minimum hire period, this applies mainly to the smaller low cost products such as toilet seat risers, bath boards etc). We also reduce our rental charge depending on the complete hire period; the longer a mobility product is hired, the cheaper the daily rate. For all hires on Lanzarote there is no charge for delivery or collection, the only charge to you, our customer, is the daily rate x the number of hire days depending on the length of time that you hire the mobility aide and/or disability equipment for. For all hires on Fuerteventura we do make a small charge for delivery & collection but like Lanzarote the only charge to you, our customer, is for the mobility & disability equipment that you hire. There are no hidden fee's or charges. Only on hires of our electric beds do we charge a fee of 25e to cover the cost of the installation and de:installation time. There are no hidden fee's or charges what so ever. With some equipment it is necessary for us to charge a small deposit, refundable upon the safe return of our equipment at the end of the hire period, we will advise you of any deposit when we deliver the mobility Aide or disability equipment to you.

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